Monthly Archives: February 2012

Leap Year

Today is a special day. It only happens once in every four years. And I was born in one such year, so that makes it extra special. Today, a friend showed me the website of a Japanese artist’s photographic collection … Continue reading

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Deep end of the pool

I skirt around the pool peer into the darkness of its depth intently, insanely, inquiring. I fear what I might find what might find me overwhelms fear. The draw of mystery so strong I refuse to just stand on the … Continue reading

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Past snaps

Recently, a few Couchsurfing friends had very positive reaction to some of the photos I had taken on a trip to, in and around Chengdu (absolutely my favorite Chinese city) in September 2009. They’re photography professionals/enthusiasts, so that made the … Continue reading

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Deli fun

Heya! It’s mid-Feb (what?!) so I guess it’s high time for my first post of the romantic month. Well, for all the romance, food and friends are the best bets. Yesterday, I caught up with two designer friends from Singapore, … Continue reading

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