Deli fun

Heya! It’s mid-Feb (what?!) so I guess it’s high time for my first post of the romantic month. Well, for all the romance, food and friends are the best bets.

Yesterday, I caught up with two designer friends from Singapore, Lynnette and Dawn, after we didn’t manage to have a mini CNY gathering back home.  We chose Nepali Kitchen, after the initial choice (The Nest) fell through since I’d already brought another friend there just the night before.

THE ROMANCE: The HOT DRAGON KING and his FAIR BUNNY MAIDEN. While waiting to be served, I showed my friends my favorite (Kingston) USB thumbdrives - the Dragon that I'd just received from Taobao, and the Bunny I received as a gift last year from Chris of ACC's Marketing team.

The delicious mixed platter with cheese balls, chicken and ... I don't remember cuz the cheese balls are really what I'm after!

Delicious, of course. But I realized later that we should have ordered the other fish since I ordered this same fish on the previous outing.

(Top L-R clockwise) Cheese naan, pumpkin curry (rather unusual!), spinach, garlic naan. We cleared every single dish on the table, no problem.

Everest monster for dessert! Under the white foamy facade hides a cave of fruity and ice creamy jewels. The girls love it!

Love the colorful lamps in different shapes, shades and sizes.

Got inspired to throw in a quote from Haruki Murakami's "Kafka on the Shore", my favorite Murakami.

On the aforementioned previous outing, New Year’s Eve to be exact, I brought a couple of friends from Beijing – Open and Pan Yang – there for our final meal of the year 2011, before we headed out to Xintiandi for a totally miserable countdown. Haiz … luckily we had a super awesome dinner and then some fun girly times after the lousy countdown.

(left) Open highly recommends this restaurant, (center) Me, a very satisfied customer, (right) Pan Yang lost in her iPhone game.

Mutton ribs, excellent!

Tasty fried rice. We also ordered the mixed platter, naan and dhal soup. Totally filled up and ready for the countdown!

So, on Thursday  night, I met up with German couchsurfer, Michael, who is in town for a couple of weeks to audit a Chinese company preparing to list in Germany. I know, they’re so aggressive. Of course, my first choice was to show him this cozy hidden treasure of Shanghai, The Nest (窝), unaware that Dawn and Lynnette wanted to go to the very same place the day after … next time, girls, and soon!

The cozy and tastefully decorated interiors. The staff is super nice too.

Their two giant bunnies are real treats! Haha, sorry for the pun, I harbor no such 'feeding' thoughts 😉

While waiting for Michael, I snapped at pretty things.

Light me up pretty.

Get a little poetic the Chinese way.

Get a little poetic the English way.

Dinner's served! Spicy giant prawn pasta.

And what's left of it. Yummy, as usual.


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