Past snaps

Recently, a few Couchsurfing friends had very positive reaction to some of the photos I had taken on a trip to, in and around Chengdu (absolutely my favorite Chinese city) in September 2009. They’re photography professionals/enthusiasts, so that made the feedback even sweeter. I thought I’d share them here again, especially the first two which are the favorites of my CS friends.

I missed the bus to the Chengdu panda reserve, waited for half an hour in frustration for a bus that never showed (well, I gave up waiting after that). But in the meanwhile, I fiddled with my camera and shot this.

The smallness of man against machine ... and time ... as the steam powered train rumbles along its tracks ever so slowly, delivering passengers, parcels and pockets of love from one end to the other.

My absolute love in Chengdu. Teahouses, and the serenity that ensues. This is a strange paradox, for the best teahouses are raucous. Yet, I find peace in the ruckus.

Granny having an early afternoon nap outside her house in an older part of Chengdu, a pretty nice rare find 🙂 - Makes me think: While we're sleeping, what happen to dreams? And not forgetting that dreams happen while we're sleeping.

Chairman Mao paraphernalia in the custody of his ex-staff, Wang Anting. Mr. Wang's private collection is now open to visitors in his home, now called Wang Anting Mao Museum.

The cool side of Chengdu: indie rock live, chill ambience, art books @ Little Bar. Average age of audience, 20. Oops, think I bumped it up a little that night ...

You are staring at a 5,000 year old relic. Believe it.


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