Leap Year

Today is a special day. It only happens once in every four years. And I was born in one such year, so that makes it extra special.

Today, a friend showed me the website of a Japanese artist’s photographic collection of everyday items for every day of the year. Needless to say, I headed right over to March 9, my birthday, and boy do I love it! I wanted to save the picture, and hey, guess what, I squealed in delight for the second time. The file name for this one is – 69 – the sign for Pisces, my star sign.

I am always thrilled with coincidences like this, wondering if it was a sign of something extraordinary, and cool of course, although more often than not, the mystery is never cracked. Yet, that is “affordable happiness” for a simpleton like me 🙂

69 for March 9. Amazing.

For her who is more brave, such as Amy Adams’ character in Leap Year, she will muster her guts and propose to the man of her dreams, in grand fulfillment of enduring Irish tradition. For me, I guess I’ll just lie low till the carrot-breaking moment arrives, if it arrives, on the rhythmic waves of a saxy tune.

About transez

Design researcher: curious about people, passionate about life.
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