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My Panda World

We went for dinner at Joycity last night, and look! I found my family! My friend Yunqin started a project “Blueprint31” where participants, including me, will fill up a sketchbook with random drawings. I got mine in January, but have … Continue reading

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Spring doodle

Google doodle is real cute today. But the real surprise came when I moused over it, to discover Chinese words “2012 春分” – marking the beginning of spring today. Yes, spring is officially here! And Google marking a traditional Chinese … Continue reading

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March 12

Apparently, my birthday isn’t quite over yet. Haha. I received two more gifts today, and met up with a good friend from Beijing who is in town these few days for an event.

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March 9

My birthday. It’s supposed to be bigger of a deal this year since it’s my year (year of the dragon) but I had a simple one, yet filled with love, fun times and amazing toys. Later that evening, a video … Continue reading

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March 8

International Women’s Day. In celebration, the company gave all female employees half a day off to enjoy this beautiful sunny day (after weeks of rainy weather, it was miraculously sunny this day onward through the weekend). So, us four ladies … Continue reading

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Today, I came across a few pictures that put me over the moon 🙂 Sometimes, you wonder what is in a good picture that strikes a chord with you so much, you want to share the love with as many … Continue reading

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I don’t think I’ve ever blacked out before. But for a split second this morning, I did. I fell in front of the basin, knocked my head against it, and that was what called me back to consciousness. My world … Continue reading

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