I don’t think I’ve ever blacked out before. But for a split second this morning, I did. I fell in front of the basin, knocked my head against it, and that was what called me back to consciousness. My world was spinning.

It was just an extremely bizarre experience. I woke at 7 am, took a toilet break and crept back into bed feeling perfectly fine. Just before 8 am, my tummy was feeling funny, so I thought what the hell, I’d just go to the toilet and shit. That was a bout of diarrhea, and before I knew it, my world was spinning, and I was collapsing. I suppose the stomach flu or whatever it was had drained my body of blood sugar.

After half an hour, I could finally get myself up and out of the toilet to message my colleagues that I was sick. And then, I slept the day away. Still feeling a little tipsy, but I hope that will soon pass and I’ll be well enough for work tomorrow. Geez, it’s been a pretty scary morning. Another first in my life, certainly, but sure am not looking forward to seconds.

About transez

Design researcher: curious about people, passionate about life.
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