March 8

International Women’s Day. In celebration, the company gave all female employees half a day off to enjoy this beautiful sunny day (after weeks of rainy weather, it was miraculously sunny this day onward through the weekend).

So, us four ladies – CiCi, Crystal, Juidy and yours truly – took off to Shanghai’s latest best-kept secret, Aroom Vintage Cafe. We were joined by Chongbei, who needed a break from writing her masters thesis. Since the linked article has done a wonderful job describing this lovely place, I shall save on words and narrate through images.

Open sesame! Let me into the best-kept secret of Shanghai!

What brought me here. Saw a picture of Encik Jambu in a magazine, and I was determined to meet him.

And Encik Jambu's friends. This is Miss Skittles, the first of three (if not more) rocking horses running around Aroom ... vroom ... vroom!!!

And here's Signore Plankton, in the inner hall, quietly stealing glances at Miss Skittles.

Mademoiselle Talme is the "Iron Lady", but with a heart as soft as warm marshmallows, perhaps thanks to her habit of rocking by the window panes beneath the mellow beams of Monsieur Le Soleil.

Haku-san, the horse with legs!

Master Hemingway was always weaving between the legs of furniture and patrons, many times stumbling and bumping blindly. We laughed at the seemingly slapstick act, but would later want to slap ourselves after finding out that Master Hemingway was, indeed, blind.

Lone strings, in a corner.

"Someday, I will reach the floor without falling." - Uncle Utan

"I'll be keeping watch, and take a picture." - Pop Pup

"And I shall volunteer to capture this historic landing moment, film included." - Master Edwin

365 historic moments every year.

The wheels are hot, regardless of their neutral tone. Adik Kayu in the back will readily attest to that.

The menu may be less than complete, but the atmosphere more than made up for it.

The idyllic patio was perfect for losing hours in books, if only it wasn't so cold.

The cozy interiors sparked, if only a moment of, pensive thought.

Or sudden bursts of inspiration.

Or captures of moments of truth.

Or creative brainstorms among some of Shanghai's trendiest crowd.

"We have ideas!" "Me!" "Me!" "Me!" "Me!"

Or just, simple girly camaraderie. L-R: Crystal, Chongbei, Me, Juidy (CiCi was taking the picture)

That really is all we need here - blocks of Affection, Rejuvenation, Oohs and Ouis, and Memory of a lovely afternoon with dear friends.


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