March 9

My birthday. It’s supposed to be bigger of a deal this year since it’s my year (year of the dragon) but I had a simple one, yet filled with love, fun times and amazing toys.

Exquisite clockwork ferriswheel from KK ♥

A magical music box from CiCi. The music score, with punched holes in the places of notes, is fed into the machine by turning the handle. It came with 3 scores; 1) 'Happy Birthday' ready to play since the notes have already been punched, 2) 'Deck the Halls' with dots indicating spots where the user is supposed to punch the holes herself, 3) completely empty score where the user can compose her own music. I think I already know who to get for this task. A saxy tune is due (^_^) ♥

Colin gave me camera lens, which KK attached to his mobile phone and took a picture of CiCi. Haha! Just kidding. The 'camera lens' is really just a water mug 😛 ♥

This comb from Juidy has symbolic meaning - to comb away bad luck for good luck to arrive. It is made of cow horns. One can tell an authentic one from shanzhai ones from the dark blood stains on the comb ♥

We had a mini teatime party with biscuits I'd brought ♥

Alice's new chicken ornaments look upon the 'seafood' we laid on the bar table ♥

Later that evening, a video came from Singapore of my lovely colleagues singing the birthday song in our office building’s elevator. No kidding, one can usually repeat the song several times when riding the elevator from Level 5 to 1. Love you guys! ♥

To round up the evening, we had movie night, screening Hugo. Watching this movie, I had an extraordinary thought. All this time, I love Walt Disney’s mantra to make dreams come alive. But what if I just want to remain in dreams? ♥


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3 Responses to March 9

  1. hc gan says:

    i’ve just watched hugo on 10/3 and george melies is real! but raymond cant keep his eyes open! anyway mei mei say her babe is elledragon’s gender.u know?

    • transez says:

      Yah I know! I also know that Justin plans on teaching her how to grill perfect salmon so now he can have two sets of salmon meals. I had no idea who Georges Meilies was … you mean he’s not fiction?

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