Spring doodle

Google doodle is real cute today. But the real surprise came when I moused over it, to discover Chinese words “2012 春分” – marking the beginning of spring today. Yes, spring is officially here! And Google marking a traditional Chinese observance makes it all the sweeter.

Google's spring doodle, commemorating a Chinese traditional observance.

All over Facebook, and other news sites, I’ve found eggs. With doodles.

Umm ... the lil chick scratching days off on the inside of the shell, counting down till he gets outta there?

Thanks to China Daily, I found out that it is a Chinese tradition to balance eggs on 春分 (which is today), the day of the vernal equinox, one that has already lasted 4,000 years.

Fun doodles on the eggs feel like Easter.

These girls are so adorable - as are the eggs they painted - that I have to borrow them from China Daily for my own blog. Hehe ...

So what happens after that? Crack the eggs open, of course, and make flowers outta em! Yummy!

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