June 22 was a public holiday in China for the Dumpling Festival (on June 23). It’s also a rainy season now, expected to last a fortnight or so. Waking up on this exceptionally relaxed Friday morning without a care for time, I contemplated heading outside Shanghai for a breather from the crazy city, and also for a taste of something different.

Well, as it turned out, not something very different, but original it was – Shanghai also has Nanxiang xiaolongbao, but locals have always urged me to take a trip to its hometown for the finest of this particular delicacy. So, with my backpack, sketchbook, pencils and eraser, off I went, like Dora the Explorer.

Doodling again after a 2-month hiatus, thanks to crazy project schedule. This time, drawing from the banks of a river in Nanxiang, home of Shanghai’s famousest xiaolongbao (小笼包).

Where I parked my butt and got to work.

Peeling paint on old walls makes beautiful pattern.

Town kids having music lessons with “hulu” (葫芦) … a kind of dried gourd.

I simply adore cute children!

This is a typical Chinese “sandwich” generation, comprised of a pair of grandparents, parents and the only child.

Some of the local homes have roofs so low I felt like a hovering giant, perhaps very intimidating to the neighborhood cats.

I had my xiaolongbao, of course, and also brought home a couple of “bak zhang” for breakfast the next day. The meat is far and few in between, but the taste of salted egg yolk was heavenly. We should try this recipe for our version back home.

Friday morning, I was scanning tweets and Jan Chipchase popped a new post, with a “thought of the day” that sent me thinking hard. I share it here with you:

If you want to understand where the world is heading in your domain where do you need to be? What do you need to experience? And why aren’t you there already?


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