Sea Anemone

Wednesday, August 8, 海葵 (Haikui) or Sea Anemone, tore through Shanghai. It was the strongest typhoon the city has seen in half a century. My good company declared the day off for all staff, to ensure our safety. True enough, that day was totally for staying in. One had no chance against the strong wind and heavy downpour, well, unless of course, if one enjoys being drenched. Even The Bund was underwater, but miraculously, the Suzhou Creek seemed to fair well. At least the yard in front of my apartment was not flooded, and we’re pretty close to the creek.

Inspired by the typhoon, and remembering a scene from Totoro when Satsuki met the Spirit of the Forest for the first time while waiting for her father in the rain at the bus stop, I sketched this today. Although inspired by Satsuki, as it turned out, the girl in my sketch looked more like Ponyo! So I gave her flaming red hair (^_^)

The Sea Anemone was fierce surely, but she didn’t feel threatened. She decided to enjoy the beauty of their colors and movement, feeling peace in the raging storm.


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