Happy birthday!

Today is her birth day. She is Hoo Ching, my very first niece. She is also a baby dragon like me.

Not 12 hours old at the point of writing. As I write, I marvel at the miracle of life. Of course, I’ve had friends who have had babies, but having one in the family brings me a lot closer to the concept of life and birth. I’ve seen my sister carry her huge tummy, all the time thinking to myself, “I don’t think I ever want to go through that.” Do I still think so?

I can’t say for sure. For now, I’m just amazed. By the fact that this little bundle of joy, she was inside my sister’s uterus just 12 hours ago! And now, here she is, sleeping soundly, with a smile on her tiny face. When she was born this afternoon, I was out strolling in a park with a couple of friends. The weather was fabulous. I would imagine the same was true for Singapore, and lil Hoo Ching was born into a world of warmth, optimism and joy that will continue to be with her in her many, many days ahead.

Little Hoo Ching: Bears sleep by day so they can stay awake to chase away bad dreams. Hope you’re having a few sweet ones now!


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