First meeting

I arrived in Singapore at dawn on Sep 22, a Saturday. My preggie sis and hubby wanted to head out to JB to buy baby supplies, so Mom and I tagged along. It was also Legoland Nusajaya’s grand opening day, so we thought we’d go see what’s happening.

Clowning with mom after our Tesco spree. I still prefer Carrefour!

A more proper shot of the three ladies … eh, four actually (the other one in my sis’ tummy!)

Legoland, and the VIP area for the grand opening at night.

As I was attempting to take a good shot of the trespassing Legoman, a cute park attendant offered to take a picture of us. There is hope that Legoland’s staff would be as passionate as Disneyland’s Cast Members!

This guy sits at nearby Mall of Medini, awaiting his turn of performance maybe?

While this clown pulled a Meg Ryan.

Before heading back into Singapore, we stopped for dinner at this busy roadside hawker center. Uniquely Malaysia! (The food’s average so I don’t quite get the size of the crowd)

First meeting with my little niece! Goodness, she’s waaaaaaay tinier than in pictures. I haven’t dared to carry her in case I break her (and can completely understand Jocelyn’s fear of babies!)

Have you ever looked up into the void of your apartment block? I thought it was quite pretty.


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One Response to First meeting

  1. Lynnette says:

    Interesting shot from the void deck. I happen to have a bunch of such photos from 10 years ago! I took them with a film camera. Hahaha… Insights: ah.. Singapore HDB has evolved to be simpler. Yours is white & pink. Those I took has too many texture and too many colors. I should go find them when back in SG.

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