Mooncake reunion

It was the Mid-Autumn Festival yesterday (中秋节), a day for reunions (usually for family). Well, I’ve reunited with my families multiple times over this time since I’m having a rare, luxurious two-week vacation at home 🙂 So, it was time to reunite with some good friends!

The first meeting was at Cafe Cartel at Plaza Singapura (because everything else was closed for one reason or another) which turned out to be quite a pleasant place to be (with very decent food and coffee). I was famously late because just as I was about to step out of the house, the sky cracked and poured so much water on earth it would be impossible to stay dry had I tried to brave it (well, I’m not dumb so I waited).

As soon as we met, we launched into jaw-breaking hearty laughter and the girls showered me with presents from their travels. And a special signed poster from BT when he had a gig in Singapore!!! This was only my second signed poster from any musician I loved (the first was from NSYNC back in 2001!) so you can imagine my ecstasy. I gave Pauline and Karen (whose birthdays are in December and November respectively) the lovely wooden gramaphone I had received from CiCi for my own birthday earlier this year 🙂

The 4 of us ‘Sex and the City’ girls ♥ Pauline, Karen, Me and Fauzie. Haha, the 5th one here is little Maia, Karen’s daughter.

My autographed BT poster ♥

After meeting the girls, I had to go off and meet another group of girl friends for the wedding dinner at Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa, of two ex-colleagues/friends – Leong and Ann – who also met on the job and were marrying each other yesterday.

The couple arranged for photo ops complete with props. The pictures were printed and given to friends as souvenirs in handy 2R-sized photographs. Here we are, looking all hot and sexy with the groom … hehehe … Me, Sherlyn, Leong (the groom), Selena and Wei Eng.

The dinner seemed to go on forever and finished close to midnight. Fortunately, the food and company were awesome, plus, there was this fantastic vocalist who sang everything from Louis Armstrong to Norah Jones. Two thumbs-up!


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