Gardens by the Bay

Today, I finally went down to the gardens that one friend said “the only thing worth seeing in Singapore” 🙂 In spite of the sweltering heat, I must say mom and I had a good time walking around appreciating the flora and faux-fauna. I would say for certain that I’ll be back, next time with my sketchbook to doodle away beneath one of the natural (or not) canopies.

See … it’s true. HOT!

But here we went anyway, trudging toward the whimsical forest – the “Supertree Grove”.

Rising above the horizon are the domes that are sort of nursery for flowers from cold climate. Despite mom’s excitement at the availability of tulips and such within the dome, I wasn’t quite ready to part with SGD20. Would rather catch them in Holland instead!

Doesn’t the picture above, or rather the domes, remind you of a possible scene from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind – the domes resembling the Ohmu and the whimsicality of the Supertree Grove a perfect setting for Nausicaä’s Valley of the Wind?

(Update: The master planner and lead designer, Andrew Grant, has confirmed that the Supertrees are inspired by the Enchanted Forest in Princess Mononoke. Close enough :))

Nausicaä and the Ohmu.

The Enchanted Forest in Princess Mononoke that inspired Andrew Grant.

Dreamy, would that be Nausicaä flying round and round … or Princess Mononoke sprinting with her wolf at her heels … or Yakul carrying Ashitaka darting through the wind …

Patterns in the sky.

The afternoon sun peeping through.

For SGD5, one gets to go onto the platform for a higher vantage view of the gardens and surroundings.

We didn’t want to pay the five bucks, since there’re a lot more left to be discovered around the garden. Like this cousin of the Merlion spitting into the longkang 😉

We also stumbled upon Edward Scissorhands’ garden … is that Ah Meng?

We also stumbled upon the Brownies’ campsite! Didn’t know Mom had the Brownie in her …

I was fascinated by some of the plants in the garden, like this one that looks like an insect when the flower is giving way to fruit.

Or this one, whose fruits were hard rock, dried and hanging from the flimsy twig of the plant that must have given it life once …

Or these leaves with holes – are the holes made by caterpillars or they’re just born like this?

Okay, one (sweaty) satisfied parting shot for a good gardens walkabout, till I see you again, dear Ohmu, Nausicaä, Princess Mononoke, Ashitaka, Yakul … the Enchanted Forest and the Valley of the Wind 🙂

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