I sketch again

Ha, it’s been one freaking month since my last sketch. Had planned to do plenty of em during my 2-week vacation back in Singapore, but other things got the better of me.

Okay, here’s one sketch I started last week but completed today. Inspired by Sam who wrote the following after I comforted him (I hope!) when he was mad at himself. “You’re a good friend, Charlie Brown (in reference to “You’re a good man, Charlie Brown”). Snoopy couldn’t ask for much more.”

You’re a good friend, Panda-san!

My second sketch is inspired by a story from Karen, one about an animal I love and most revere. She wrote:

“I remember distinctly the exact moment my respect for elephants went way up. I was in Sri Lanka on honeymoon. It was the first time I had sat on an elephant, and there came a point this elephant had to cross a log. And beneath the log was like 5 metres of hole in the ground. I had never been more scared, cos I was certain this huge clumsy animal was gonna kill us all by falling in the hole. Then I saw how it reached its trunk to feel the log first, then foot by foot it stepped forward. Such elegance and gentleness. I was just awed and totally humbled. Never saw them as clumsy animals EVER AGAIN.”

The gentle giant who brought them to safety.


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