Teddy bears

Lynnette and I pulled a prank on innocent Pei Jun, telling her that I was leaving Shanghai for good to settle in New York (actually the more details we built into the story, the more I liked the idea :)). So, yesterday, Lynnette gave me a “farewell gift”. In reality, I think she must have gotten me this after reading my blog post from last week debating if Hoo Ching or Alexis should have the first teddy bear present from her. Now, the girls each will have one, thanks to Lynnette 🙂

Mommy, how tall am I? Ask Uncle Teddy.

Dear Pei Jun brought me a card with well-wishes on the back. At first glance, Taipei 101 looked like the Empire State Building, or I really was into my New York thing. Haha.

Card featuring the work of a Taipei artist.

After we all went our separate ways, I stopped by Tesco to get toilet paper. I realized I had toilet paper loyalty, but the funny thing was, I had no clue which brand it was. I was loyal to the teddy bears printed on the packaging, which held a special memory.

When I reached the toilet paper section, I didn’t have to compare prices whatsoever. Teddy bear toilet paper was all I needed. When I was home, I realized that the teddy bear toilet paper that was running out featured a brown bear. The one I got yesterday featured a white bear. They both belong to the same brand though, and the brown bear rolls are bigger than the white ones. I am certain I’ve used both before, and that the teddy bear toilet roll that held a special memory from December 2011 was the white one.

I’m not blindly brand loyal. The quality of the tissue is superb.

Last Friday, our team had a dinner gathering which also included a movie. The theater near us didn’t have anything good on, so we settled for The Bourne Legacy. It wasn’t awful, just an intense action-packed two hours with very little else. So, when we exited the theater, and a cartful of smiling teddy bears came rolling by on their way home, I was over the moon happy. I dare say that was the happiest thing to happen all of last week. I even waved goodbye and goodnite to the bears. But on hindsight, it should be a bittersweet moment. The tired owner might not have sold a single bear, and if she had, the remaining teddies would be missing one of their friends. Either ways, not so happy anymore.

Ha, how many times am I going to plagiarize Sam but, “Bears sleep by day so they can stay awake to chase away bad dreams.” No other posts I’ve made is more fitting for this little quote.


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