It’s a wrap!

Only hours before the new call time comes, here I am, sitting in my semi-warm living room, reflecting on the year that has been, wondering what the year that will be, will be.

2012. How do I describe it? The year when time stood still? It didn’t feel like I moved – personally or professionally. Maybe just a little – just that little bit that accumulates on the learning curve, that will help me see the picture with greater clarity in 2013. Really, if that is the case, then my 2012 “resolution” was sort of accomplished, wasn’t it? “Do you know what’s worth fighting for?” Ah, at least I began to sketch more seriously.

2013 will be the year of proactive fighting. Choose my battles more wisely than in 2012.

In spite of my snail pace 2012, many people around me progressed wonderfully. Best friends got married, engaged, hitched. Others moved on professionally, cross-industry or cross-country. Still others graduated from school to embark on exciting careers they have been preparing for industriously for years.

My sisters had two very lovely girls come to them – Hoo Ching who came to us in balmy September. She must be a big girl now, with her cute dimples more obvious when she smiles. And Alexis who came to us on Thanksgiving Day. I realize I haven’t blogged about her, so this is her. Can’t wait to hold them both when I go back home for the Chinese New Year in about 5-6 weeks time.

Cute little Thanksgiving baby - Alexis Lee Anne.

Cute little Thanksgiving baby – Alexis Lee Anne.

So, lay down the 21 Guns. The year of waiting, learning, anticipating is past. 2013 will be a year of doing. I’ve been spinning this song an awful lot this year. Listen to the lyrics carefully …

Tell me everything that happened,
Tell me everything you saw.
They had lights inside their eyes…
They had lights inside their eyes…
Did you see the closing window,
Did you hear the slamming door?
They moved forward and my heart died…

No, the song is not about dead people. It’s about change. One Youtube commenter summed it up well: “To me this song is about the people you used to know. Maybe it’s your friends, love ones, or even family members. But life and time has torn you apart that you turn into someone so different from each other. That’s why ‘they had lights inside their eyes’ which is like a flash of memory that is still there, but your feeling though, changed.The dead hearts represent the relationship lost.

2013 will be about change and taking action to create that.


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