Pizza NYE

Last year, my friends from Beijing joined me for NYE countdown at Xintiandi. We ended up in the cold in the wee hours of the morning, out of luck with getting a cab to stop for us. So we had to call up some friends to pick us up and return us to my friends’ hotel where we watched the annual NYE gala.

This year, Pei Pei and Drew had friends and colleagues for a NYE gathering, and the couple invited me to join the feast at Pizza Morzano. Drew had a friend visiting from NYC, and a couple of his colleagues from work joined us with their spouses. One couple (American + Chinese) just had a baby last August, and she’s so freaking cute! Overall, it was all jokes and laughter … plenty of pizzas and cakes. The guys had beer and baijiu, a super strong Chinese liquor at 71% (eww!). Oops, sorry, no food shots as usual because no one cared for that … the food was too good!

The gang at Pizza Marzano on New Year's Eve 2012

The gang at Pizza Marzano on New Year’s Eve 2012

I also got invited to Pei Pei and Drew’s wedding in Atlanta on Nov 2! Damn right I’m gonna go. I’ll schedule all my projects around that date. Never been to Atlanta, and Drew said it’s near Florida … mmm … well, someone did say he would make it up to me for missing out on Disney World this November. We’ll see. But I’m excited that my first and one of my best friends here in Shanghai will be getting married! But she’ll move to the States thereafter which is a bummer, but oh well, there will only be happiness for Pei Pei and Drew (^_^)

So, yes. This new year, may there be blizzards of love and happiness falling down on every one of us. Happy New Year, folks! Till next year, cheers, cheers, and cheers!

Love drops raining on my head ...

Love drops raining on my head …


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