To all who love the concept of love, Happy Valentine’s Day.

Saving all my love for ya!

Saving all my love for ya!

Last night, for some weird reason (or maybe not, since I had a coffee late evening), I was fully awake till 2 am. Sam was at the Jerusalem International Book Fair where Etgar Keret was speaking together with Nathan Englander. While he shared some Etgar quotes, I read “The Girl on the Fridge“, and really liked the romantic imagery delivered in this prose:

“She was so pretty, and so incongruous, hanging upside down from the ceiling that way. With her long hair dangling downward, and her breasts molded like two perfect teardrops under her white T-shirt. So pretty. I climbed back up onto the pile of books and kissed her. I felt her tongue on mine. The books slipped out from under my feet as I hung there in midair, not touching a thing, dangling from just her lips.” — “Crazy Glue

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