The Bold Explorer

March 9 is my birthday. I am extremely grateful to my Pa and Ma for giving birth to me on this special day – the Birthday of the Bold Explorer. They make me the Dragon that scales the clouds in the sky and the Fish that scours the seabed of the ocean, giving me a lifetime of amazing adventures and timeless stories to fill poetries and proses that is my namesake – 诗.

A self-portrait.

A self-portrait.

The Birthday of The Bold Explorer:

People born on March 9 are innovative explorers who are always willing to take risks and venture boldly into the unknown or to experiment with new ideas and concepts.

People born on this day are often bursting with energy and enthusiasm, moving so fast it can wear themselves and others out. From an early age they have learned to trust themselves because their intuition frequently leads them in the right direction. They have an ability to see the world from an unusual viewpoint and for this reason they make great advisors and friends, upon whom people can become dependent.

A part of people born on this day always longs to fly away but, once they have found a way to balance their need for responsibility with their need to rush headlong into uncharted lands, they have the perception, charisma and enthusiasm to push forward social reforms. Although capable of great commitment once they have found a cause they believe in, they should make sure that they never lose touch of the key to their personality and success—their adventurous and curious spirit.”


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Design researcher: curious about people, passionate about life.
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