Thanksgiving Dotty Dotter

This year’s Thanksgiving is kinda special because it falls on the same day as Hanukkah, an event which will not happen again in about 78,000 years!

And it so happens today, my friend Jocelyn, co-owner of Pinterest board “Project Doodle Day“, threw up the word “dotty” and I threw in “dotter”.

Dotty Dotter.

The result is this sketch, which I want to dedicate first and foremost, to my mother on this day of thanksgiving. It has not been easy bringing me into this world, raising me right, giving me the freedom to explore my own abilities and passion, dealing with my moodiness with nothing less than genuine support.

Dotty dotter.

Dotty dotter.

Also dedicated to all the great moms with dotters. Raise em good ^_^


About transez

Design researcher: curious about people, passionate about life.
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