Mike and Seiji

About ten years ago, my friend Mike brought home a husky abandoned at the veterinary clinic where he was working. He named him Seiji. Seiji is 13 now and still lives with Mike’s parents in Chagrin Falls, Mike’s hometown, while he lives in Tokyo. Previous years, Mike would go home for Christmas but due to work he was unable to do so this year. I know he misses Seiji much.

When I first met Mike, he looked at my backpack and grinned, “That’s my dog.” I had a backpack that was full of cartoons, one of which was a cool dude with a husky.

Chagrin Falls is also home to the creator of Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson. Recently, there have been sketches of Star Wars characters as Calvin and Hobbes, so I thought why not capture the friendship between Mike and Seiji as well 🙂 I hope the boys get to see each other again soon, and I hope I get to meet Seiji too, even though Mike says he’s too old and may not make it  till when I, if I visit Chagrin Falls.


As Calvin and Hobbes

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