Monthly Archives: February 2017

Bandung afternoons

Just rain in the afternoons here in Bandung, giving me the chance to stay in with a cup of hot tea and doodle 😊 Advertisements

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Haha, I went into hyper doodling mode this Valentines. Well, stuff pops in my head, just gotta get em out : ) Hope you guys get some inspiration from them : ) ✨✨✨ Stars ✨✨✨ I’m a mushy romantic, and … Continue reading

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Kumaneko & Chika

Another of my crazy doodle stories 😆 What awesome adventures did Kumaneko and Chiko have together while looking for those glasses? Will their paths cross again after the reluctant good-bye?

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Morning Walk

I’ve been in a few places overseas traveling, yes, but having spent quite a few days in that same place, I could give fairly accurate directions to strangers who come up to me asking for some. So, I needed to … Continue reading

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Year of the Rooster

Lunar New Year rolls around again! It’s been rather wet, so over the past week, I doodled a bit more than usual since it’s not my favorite idea to brave the rain.

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You’re like 2 meters tall

I enjoy traveling solo. Especially when every now and then, you come across a fellow traveler who clicks right away, someone funny and fun, with whom you can spend quality time talking and walking all over town. I had dreaded … Continue reading

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