You’re like 2 meters tall

I enjoy traveling solo. Especially when every now and then, you come across a fellow traveler who clicks right away, someone funny and fun, with whom you can spend quality time talking and walking all over town.

I had dreaded the few days I had planned for Bangkok this past trip, because I didn’t know what exactly I’d do in yet another large city. The temples were beautiful but I could only take so much of them. So luckily I met Luis who shared the same dorm as me, and we spent some time exploring Chinatown, and topics on tradition, freedom, and dreams.

Regretfully I had to leave to catch my flight, but extremely  grateful for a very nice morning and afternoon walking with someone interesting who is like 2-meters tall, yet not too difficult to see eye-to-eye with : )


I enjoy walking in your shadow because you’re like 2 meters tall 😛


About transez

Design researcher: curious about people, passionate about life.
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