The Great Stroopwafels Hunt


Stroopwafels were a significant part of my recent travels in Java. It started when Erik the Dutchman, who I met at the hostel in Bandung and who became my travel buddy to/in Yogyakarta, talked about delicious Dutch food and that I should definitely try the stroopwafels. Then a couple of other Dutch guys said yah try it, and a couple of Germans said they’re amazing … so …

I can’t remember if I’ve had it before but I certainly couldn’t recall the taste. So it became our mission to hunt for the amazing stroopwafels, in supermarkets large and small in Bandung and Yogyakarta. After we went our own ways, I continued looking in Malang, and Erik said the cafe he was volunteering at in Blitar didn’t have em, he was contemplating making them himself.

So, leaving Java without tasting some stroopwafels left a nagging feeling, and it struck me to look for em in Singapore. And voila! Found some from the Stroopwafels & Co, also sold at Dean & DeLuca. Picked some up from the Orchard Central outlet yesterday 😊😋


[doodle: The Great Stroopwafels Hunt and some pockets of memory from Java with my Dutch travel buddy 😊]


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