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Call me crazy, is it not kinda romantic someone tells you he wanna be your doppelganger? Happy Halloween, folks! Advertisements

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Princess Anna meets No Face

Anna is one of my two favorite Disney Princesses (the other is Belle). I love her for her feisty, adventurous and sometimes a little overly optimistic take on life’s challenges. Someone like her is bound to come across many a … Continue reading

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Bye-bye Mermay

Many artists posted on Instagram during the month of May celebrating the #mermay. On the last weekend of May 2016, here’s my only contribution of a bittersweet farewell between the lady of the sea and the hairy little friend she … Continue reading

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Today’s words: Fresh + Penguin ^_^ Visit us at Project Doodle Day.

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Project Emoticon

‘Project Emoticon‘ is a project my friend Jocelyn and I started on Pinterest. We are huge fans of Line (the messenger), or rather, the Line stickers (below)! Since both of us enjoy doodling, we decided to start our own board … Continue reading

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Ha, I woke today after a great night’s sleep (been sleeping an awful lot this week – what the heck, I’m on vacation!) to my favorite cuppa, and this message from Sam linking to a stunning, quite-the-Imagineer ‘Ponyo’ project in Kyoto … Continue reading

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This weekend, I stumbled upon this organization that could potentially help me realize a goal I set for myself earlier this year albeit not in China. But well, one just never knows. Meaningful design is needed everywhere – do you … Continue reading

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