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Home, and September ends

Well … I touched down at 21:30 at Changi Airport but didn’t reach home till past ten, and didn’t get to settle down to blog till almost midnight. So, bye bye September. The first thing I did when I got … Continue reading

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So, I will follow this route on my upcoming trip to Japan. Tokyo > Fukuoka > Nara > Kanazawa > Tokyo (maybe Nikko too, it depends …) Here is what my itinerary looks like on the map. Other than Tokyo, … Continue reading

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MIDI Shanghai 2011

Let me begin with the message championed by this year’s MIDI Music Festival. PROTECT MOON BEARS, BOYCOTT BEAR BILE! Moon bears are farmed in China so that their bile can be extracted for use in Traditional Chinese Medicine. These bears … Continue reading

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5 cm per sec

Yet another film about distance – 5 centimeters per second – that is how fast sakura petals float onto the ground. Amazingly, distance is all I’ve been encountering recently with regards to life and people in Japan, it seems. Is … Continue reading

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Unanimated in animation

Quietly unanimated eyes transfixed ears heard so near so far voices of a distant star in animation

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