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Special post: RIP Steve Jobs

The whole world is now aware and mourning the passing of Steve Jobs. I don’t know him personally, and unlike many Macheads, I do not idolize him either. Yet there was immense sadness when I woke today to this gloomy … Continue reading

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I had one last interview with another game design student on Saturday morning. He was from Chengdu, my favorite Chinese city, extremely friendly and we talked for more than 3 hours, way longer than the scheduled two. Fortunately, my friend … Continue reading

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When you see “serious” publications like Businessweek and Knowledge@Wharton write about dating, you blink twice to check if you have not been momentarily dyslexic. But when they publish 3 articles between themselves but within the same timeframe, then it’s probably … Continue reading

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飞信 Fetion

One of the first things that my Shanghai friend did when I first arrived here last October was to add me to his 飞信 Fetion “good friend” list, so he could send me SMS for free from the PC. I, … Continue reading

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No no, it’s far from over. Haha. Recently I received an email/CNY greeting from the good people of the Finnish pavillion at last year’s World Expo. Attached was a dorky picture that I had left in their guestbook on that fateful day. … Continue reading

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Fromage et bonbon

Every Thursday is movie night at Vienna Cafe, a cozy outfit in the French Concession that serves Austrian sweets and dishes. For the next 4 weeks, they will screen films from indie Chinese film-makers, last night’s being the first in the … Continue reading

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