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The Challenge

Thanks to Tham who challenged me to posting “nature photography” on FB to counter the flood of selfies, I’ve just posted my last picture of the series tonight. These seven pictures, like it or not, were carefully selected. I have … Continue reading

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I once wrote a letter to Jordan Knight. Yes, I was a Blockhead (that’s what they called fans of New Kids On The Block, NKOTB) My father happened to walk by the table where I was busy sealing up the mail (back … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day

Apparently, I was full of mischievous nonsense when I was little. Although we joke about them now, they must have caused my mother plenty of heartache back then. My favorite story is the one when I got creative with bowling. … Continue reading

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Sketchy June

Two weeks ago, my friend from Chengdu, Dong, and I arranged to meet in Hong Kong for a short trip. The original intent was to catch the 1600 Panda Tour but alas, we messed up the schedule and missed the pandas. … Continue reading

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How To Train Your Dragon

Oh my goodness, today is March 2! Already? Spring is almost here! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! During the Spring Festival, I had plenty of fun with my little dragon niece. WE the dragons were a riot! Our tummies of fire had us roaring … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Dotty Dotter

This year’s Thanksgiving is kinda special because it falls on the same day as Hanukkah, an event which will not happen again in about 78,000 years! And it so happens today, my friend Jocelyn, co-owner of Pinterest board “Project Doodle … Continue reading

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The Girls

Oh my, oh my, the girls have turned into such great beauties! 🙂 My niece Hoo Ching turned one in September. What a Little Miss Sunshine she is now! She laughs easily and heartily, at so many things. A wonderful … Continue reading

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