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March 9

My birthday. It’s supposed to be bigger of a deal this year since it’s my year (year of the dragon) but I had a simple one, yet filled with love, fun times and amazing toys. Later that evening, a video … Continue reading

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Rooftop solitude

Last night, I went out with three friends to watch the #1 box office film from Taiwan last year – You Are the Apple of My Eye – 《那些年我们一起追的女孩》。Ah, what memories it brings back. The misbehavior, the miscommunication, the missed … Continue reading

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After the flight

Ahhh … I miss last night. I always like to look forward to something. When the something becomes actual, it loses steam. Just like Jean Baudrillard says, everything starts to disappear once you recognize its existence. I was debating between … Continue reading

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Home, and September ends

Well … I touched down at 21:30 at Changi Airport but didn’t reach home till past ten, and didn’t get to settle down to blog till almost midnight. So, bye bye September. The first thing I did when I got … Continue reading

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看这部电影感触很多。我一直在为射手男打气,但是射手却一次又一次的令人失望。最后还是体贴的巨蟹男胜出。这个和现实生活不就一样吗? 为什么射手总是这样呢,就是不懂得珍惜喜欢他的人,让爱他的人爱的那么痛苦? “我真的很喜欢他,爱这个人很辛苦。” 电影中的女主角选的好,我们也该学学她啦。不要老是被射手的迷幻剑射中,该尝试接受懂得爱护,疼爱女人的巨蟹了。

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Ankoku Geijutsu

Now this is a really weird way to start, definitely ironic, but my fresh obsession with Japan’s alternative (ankoku = dark) arts and their perpetrators, namely the Ankoku-butoh (Tatsumi Hijikata), Gekiga (Tatsumi Yoshihiro), and Mishima Yukio, began with the Hanami. Well, yes, the cheery … Continue reading

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