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Nap@Borobudur Park

Most people would have been eager to explore the awe inspiring world heritage the minute they step into the gates, but we were more attracted to the vast green field and decided to just rest there for a bit. After … Continue reading

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Haha, I went into hyper doodling mode this Valentines. Well, stuff pops in my head, just gotta get em out : ) Hope you guys get some inspiration from them : ) ✨✨✨ Stars ✨✨✨ I’m a mushy romantic, and … Continue reading

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Kumaneko & Chika

Another of my crazy doodle stories 😆 What awesome adventures did Kumaneko and Chiko have together while looking for those glasses? Will their paths cross again after the reluctant good-bye?

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Morning Walk

I’ve been in a few places overseas traveling, yes, but having spent quite a few days in that same place, I could give fairly accurate directions to strangers who come up to me asking for some. So, I needed to … Continue reading

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You’re like 2 meters tall

I enjoy traveling solo. Especially when every now and then, you come across a fellow traveler who clicks right away, someone funny and fun, with whom you can spend quality time talking and walking all over town. I had dreaded … Continue reading

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The Challenge

Thanks to Tham who challenged me to posting “nature photography” on FB to counter the flood of selfies, I’ve just posted my last picture of the series tonight. These seven pictures, like it or not, were carefully selected. I have … Continue reading

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Bye-bye Mermay

Many artists posted on Instagram during the month of May celebrating the #mermay. On the last weekend of May 2016, here’s my only contribution of a bittersweet farewell between the lady of the sea and the hairy little friend she … Continue reading

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