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Christmas@The Gardens

I went back to Singapore to enjoy five warm days last week, well, since I had 3 days of annual leave to clear,  everywhere near me was too cold (heavy snow in Hangzhou last weekend while I was away, dang!), friend … Continue reading

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How To Train Your Dragon

Oh my goodness, today is March 2! Already? Spring is almost here! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! During the Spring Festival, I had plenty of fun with my little dragon niece. WE the dragons were a riot! Our tummies of fire had us roaring … Continue reading

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Two years

Today marks exactly two years since I moved to Shanghai. When I left my hometown of Melaka when I was 19, I dealt for several years with an acute sense of impermanence, which abated a little when my sisters joined me … Continue reading

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Lunch at Lynnette’s

My good friend Lynnette recently finished renovations at her new home, which she also calls the EcoSoho. This project is well-documented on her website, so do check it out to find out how you can make a cozy home out of … Continue reading

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Ah! if only everyday was like today 🙂 when I could pamper every little inch of my mind, body and soul. I landed at 6 am. By the time I got home, it was already seven and daylight was breaking. … Continue reading

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After the flight

Ahhh … I miss last night. I always like to look forward to something. When the something becomes actual, it loses steam. Just like Jean Baudrillard says, everything starts to disappear once you recognize its existence. I was debating between … Continue reading

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Home, and September ends

Well … I touched down at 21:30 at Changi Airport but didn’t reach home till past ten, and didn’t get to settle down to blog till almost midnight. So, bye bye September. The first thing I did when I got … Continue reading

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