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I had one last interview with another game design student on Saturday morning. He was from Chengdu, my favorite Chinese city, extremely friendly and we talked for more than 3 hours, way longer than the scheduled two. Fortunately, my friend … Continue reading

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MIDI Shanghai 2011

Let me begin with the message championed by this year’s MIDI Music Festival. PROTECT MOON BEARS, BOYCOTT BEAR BILE! Moon bears are farmed in China so that their bile can be extracted for use in Traditional Chinese Medicine. These bears … Continue reading

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飞信 Fetion

One of the first things that my Shanghai friend did when I first arrived here last October was to add me to his 飞信 Fetion “good friend” list, so he could send me SMS for free from the PC. I, … Continue reading

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SG abolishes TV/Radio license

I think this is the coolest thing Singapore has done, in recognizing that TVs and radios are not luxuries, in embracing the information age, in encouraging the proliferation of content and integration of traditional and new media. Yes, the necessary … Continue reading

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No no, it’s far from over. Haha. Recently I received an email/CNY greeting from the good people of the Finnish pavillion at last year’s World Expo. Attached was a dorky picture that I had left in their guestbook on that fateful day. … Continue reading

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IM customer service

This morning, I wanted to check with China Telecom to find out if it’d be okay to unplug the internet box while I’m away in Singapore over the Chinese New Year period to save electricity, and that I’d still find … Continue reading

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