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Poe-tree (The Raven)

My Chinese name 诗, means poetry. Rolling that around in my head, it gradually morphs into Poe-Tree, and then this visual tribute to Edgar Allan Poe, a poet, the father of detective stories, the author of The Raven. Seems fitting … Continue reading

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October 8

Landing in Shanghai today and hearing the Singapore Airlines announcement – “Welcome to Shanghai. Today is October 8 … ” – gave me a sense of déjà vu. A year ago, the announcement I heard on this very day, also … Continue reading

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Ankoku Geijutsu

Now this is a really weird way to start, definitely ironic, but my fresh obsession with Japan’s alternative (ankoku = dark) arts and their perpetrators, namely the Ankoku-butoh (Tatsumi Hijikata), Gekiga (Tatsumi Yoshihiro), and Mishima Yukio, began with the Hanami. Well, yes, the cheery … Continue reading

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Tokyo Rocks!

Hmm. I feel the earth move as I type. There was an earthquake too last evening, as my friend and I were chilling out at the Imperial Palace. It was pretty strong. A hostel mate just said his friend missed … Continue reading

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Live the language

This morning, my colleague Wee Kiat shared a series of video clips that brought much happiness to my heart and some tears to my eyes. I saw my own stories unfolding in each one of them, even the cities that I’ve … Continue reading

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