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The Challenge

Thanks to Tham who challenged me to posting “nature photography” on FB to counter the flood of selfies, I’ve just posted my last picture of the series tonight. These seven pictures, like it or not, were carefully selected. I have … Continue reading

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Double whammy

This is certainly not in a good way. The past week has been a catastrophic one. To have bad things happen to not one, but two, of the cities I care about is almost too much to bear, even as … Continue reading

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Song dog

Random lunchtime photo op.

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I don’t think I’ve ever blacked out before. But for a split second this morning, I did. I fell in front of the basin, knocked my head against it, and that was what called me back to consciousness. My world … Continue reading

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A little ♥

Once in a while, when life gets a little too mundane, or when you’ve stopped looking for life’s surprises, or when it gets too rainy too cold, life has a way of throwing little packages of warmth and smiles at … Continue reading

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Leap Year

Today is a special day. It only happens once in every four years. And I was born in one such year, so that makes it extra special. Today, a friend showed me the website of a Japanese artist’s photographic collection … Continue reading

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Deep end of the pool

I skirt around the pool peer into the darkness of its depth intently, insanely, inquiring. I fear what I might find what might find me overwhelms fear. The draw of mystery so strong I refuse to just stand on the … Continue reading

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