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Touching stories

One of the main tasks of a design researcher or designer is to find touching stories that can touch consumers at the core of their emotions. Last Thursday, I confirmed that I had found just such a researcher/designer, confirmed again … Continue reading

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飞信 Fetion

One of the first things that my Shanghai friend did when I first arrived here last October was to add me to his 飞信 Fetion “good friend” list, so he could send me SMS for free from the PC. I, … Continue reading

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IM customer service

This morning, I wanted to check with China Telecom to find out if it’d be okay to unplug the internet box while I’m away in Singapore over the Chinese New Year period to save electricity, and that I’d still find … Continue reading

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Quality service

Service quality is certainly not a notion one readily associates with China. Honestly, I’m quite surprised, but very impressed with what I’ve observed on two separate occasions, so I’d like to say to naysayers, there indeed is service quality here in Shanghai … Continue reading

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