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Batu Caves

This brief trip to KL marks at least 2 firsts. First time landing in KLIA (or any Malaysian airport) yesterday. And first time at Batu Caves today. Have always wanted to come ever since my mom spoke of it since … Continue reading

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Bandung afternoons

Just rain in the afternoons here in Bandung, giving me the chance to stay in with a cup of hot tea and doodle 😊

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Morning Walk

I’ve been in a few places overseas traveling, yes, but having spent quite a few days in that same place, I could give fairly accurate directions to strangers who come up to me asking for some. So, I needed to … Continue reading

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You’re like 2 meters tall

I enjoy traveling solo. Especially when every now and then, you come across a fellow traveler who clicks right away, someone funny and fun, with whom you can spend quality time talking and walking all over town. I had dreaded … Continue reading

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Pokemon S.O.S.

What it must feel like to be hunted.

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That night

I always thought it incredibly romantic to share a passionate kiss with a lover under the streetlight and among lurking shadows. That night, we were walking, arm in arm, on a quiet pavement, when suddenly he swung me around. And … Continue reading

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Christmas@The Gardens

I went back to Singapore to enjoy five warm days last week, well, since I had 3 days of annual leave to clear,  everywhere near me was too cold (heavy snow in Hangzhou last weekend while I was away, dang!), friend … Continue reading

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