Kumaneko & Chika

Another of my crazy doodle stories 😆
What awesome adventures did Kumaneko and Chiko have together while looking for those glasses? Will their paths cross again after the reluctant good-bye?


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Morning Walk

I’ve been in a few places overseas traveling, yes, but having spent quite a few days in that same place, I could give fairly accurate directions to strangers who come up to me asking for some.

So, I needed to send a few postcards, and found a post office very close to the hostel where we were staying, but would need some trial and error to find it (although there’s a map).

Luis, having been in Bangkok before and stayed there three times, offered to help me find it faster. That morning walk to the post office extended well into the afternoon, until I had to leave to catch my flight and hug my new friend goodbye : (


Pretty much a local 😛

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Year of the Rooster

Lunar New Year rolls around again! It’s been rather wet, so over the past week, I doodled a bit more than usual since it’s not my favorite idea to brave the rain.


It’s the Totorooster! Tis time for kids to go out, get close to nature and feed some chickadees!


I love doodling, but I really need to get out of the house! Rain, rain, go away, come again another day.


Wanna go pick some flowers ^_^

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You’re like 2 meters tall

I enjoy traveling solo. Especially when every now and then, you come across a fellow traveler who clicks right away, someone funny and fun, with whom you can spend quality time talking and walking all over town.

I had dreaded the few days I had planned for Bangkok this past trip, because I didn’t know what exactly I’d do in yet another large city. The temples were beautiful but I could only take so much of them. So luckily I met Luis who shared the same dorm as me, and we spent some time exploring Chinatown, and topics on tradition, freedom, and dreams.

Regretfully I had to leave to catch my flight, but extremely  grateful for a very nice morning and afternoon walking with someone interesting who is like 2-meters tall, yet not too difficult to see eye-to-eye with : )


I enjoy walking in your shadow because you’re like 2 meters tall 😛

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Let’s go 2017!

What’s everyone’s hopes, wishes and resolution for the new year? Mine’s to take every little step I can into every nook and corner of the world!

Happy New Year! Let’s go 2017!


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Xmas 2016 xoxo

Santa’s on the naughty list this year! Ho ho ho … guy deserves a break!

Joyeux Noelle, Merry Christmas y’all!



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The Pianist

Ah … Always wished I could play the piano!
A gift for a friend who picks up piano late in adulthood, but has come to depend on the instrument to de-stress and relax.
Truly an excellent choice!


You can think it, you can play it

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