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Kumaneko & Chika

Another of my crazy doodle stories 😆 What awesome adventures did Kumaneko and Chiko have together while looking for those glasses? Will their paths cross again after the reluctant good-bye? Advertisements

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The Wedding

Two colleagues-cum-good friends got hitched on Sunday. Their wedding is a key reason why I’m home ahead of China’s one-week Golden Week holiday. Ah, Cindy’s getting married! I couldn’t help but remember the days we rode service 27 together after … Continue reading

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I am so happy today!!! (^_^) See, while in Tainan two weeks ago, we stumbled upon this little package at Family Mart. Panda!!! But alas, I didn’t think I’d have the time, much less the patience!, to sew the disparate … Continue reading

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My Panda World

We went for dinner at Joycity last night, and look! I found my family! My friend Yunqin started a project “Blueprint31” where participants, including me, will fill up a sketchbook with random drawings. I got mine in January, but have … Continue reading

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Today, I came across a few pictures that put me over the moon 🙂 Sometimes, you wonder what is in a good picture that strikes a chord with you so much, you want to share the love with as many … Continue reading

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