Slish slosh splat

Saturday started off sunny, sending me scrambling to wash my shoes still caked in some mud from last Sunday’s escapade to Suzhou. It quickly turned cloudy, showers were guaranteed. Nevertheless, I headed out to meet a 2 PM appointment with my stylist at 涉古 to get my prickly hair chopped off again. The intense summer heat is too much to bear, I need my neck area to be exposed to fresh breaths of air and rid of thorny hair-ends.

Since the salon was rather close to Tianzifang (田子坊), I decided to head out there to check out some souvenirs and snacks for my colleagues from Singapore and Taipei when we congregate at the HQ next week. Third business trip in a month. Luckily I’m one who loves plane travel to bits.

Stumbled upon a couple of shops with cute things, so I bought some souvenirs for my colleagues, sisters and friends, plus these "neko" for my little display bench at home. They are so pretty I just couldn't resist!

After that, I headed out to Lujiazui where I was to meet Lynnette and Dawn for dinner at 6.30 PM, at the IFC Mall’s new Baker and Spice. I was early, so I checked in to the Apple Store (where else) for an “update” of my playlist. Besides, I was quite sloshy soaked because I had stubbornly refused to open my umbrella in the rain. I love the smell, feel and taste of rain. Haha.

Of all the days to forget my camera, it had to be this! There were lots of pretty reflections on the ground to capture, and I was stranded with my iPod's miserable camera ... but I guess it's better than having none at all.

Here're the world-famous Pearl and Apple side-by-side. Excellent location, iFruit company.

After the rain, the atmosphere was rather thick with fog, and the Pearl was sort of eerily brilliant against the dark night.

We walked over to Binjiang Park (滨江公园) where we spent some time admiring the golden colonial architecture across Huangpu River (黄浦江).  The rain had lifted the smog, giving us a clear view. There were also way too few people for a Saturday night by the river, which was a delight for us. The chilly wind was welcomed too. Right now though, at 2 AM, it’s howling outside with a typhoon warning in tow, as colleagues in Taipei report a typhoon passing through today and perhaps, even stronger tomorrow.

So from a certain angle at 滨江公园, the Pearl seemed stacked on the dome of the Shanghai Meeting Center, to give the illusion of a very pregnant Oriental Pearl Tower. Hahaha.


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